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We Promise Effective Legal Analysis bearing all risks in assessment for our client's cases with Due Respect and with the highest Professional Diligence and Responsibility!

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Current Specials.

  • Immigration Law
Cyprus Citizenship by the Cyprus Investment Program, Citizenship by Naturalization ( 7 Years of Staying), Citizenship by Marriage, Cyprus Residency by Investment (Fast track), Long-Term Residence and Immigration Permits, Temporary Residence Permits for third country Nationals, Registration & Management of Companies of Foreign Interests and Investments, etc.


LEGAL Practice Areas

  • Civil Law Advising & Litigation.
  • For: Banking - Finance Law, Trust Law, Corporate Law,  Land - Property Law, Business & Equity Law, EU Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Tort Law, Rental Law, Family Law,  International Commercial Law & Arbitration, Human Rights Law, etc.
  • Appeals - Appellate Litigation.
    In All Branches of Law and Cases in the Cyprus Republic Jurisdiction, Including Administrative Law Cases.
  • Admiralty Litigation - (Shipping Law)
    Litigation, Administration, Formation - Registration Worldwide all Relevant for Shipping Law - Ships, Risk and Assessment - Drafting - Negotiating all Legal Agreements and all relevant.
  • Corporate Formation & Administration
    Formation of any type - form of Legal Entities ( Companies...) in Cyprus Republic and Worldwide including Offshore Zone Jurisdictions and all type of Legal Entities. The Provision of Nominees / Trustees and all Legal and Corporate Agency - Fiduciary Management representation in any Legal Form in accordance with the Law, the Creation - Formation Management of Trust Funds, Escrow Services, Dispute and Litigation for the above.
  • The Double Taxation Treatie(s) Subjects and Taxation Optimization in line with Relevant Law(s) and International Conventions in Legal and Business Corporate Affordable by Law Structures.
  • Criminal Law
    Primarily Criminal Litigation in areas where consequently Legal entities, Persons - Admins may be found in suspect / liable in respect of Commercial, Equity, Trusts, Banking, Finance & Accounting, any Regulatory, Taxation, and for other related by relevant Law(s) Human Rights Law relevant Protection, etc.

News & Updates


Jan 2019

Our Law Firm and Legal Team Wishing to all a Happy and a Prosperous New Year 2019 With Full of Pleasant Surprises and Happiness for all!


July 2019

Our Law Firm and Legal Team, Re-Announcing that, we offer all for:

Legal Support, Counsel & Formation, Creation, Registration, Management For Funds - Hedge Funds Regulated in major and International Jurisdictions, Including Offshore Hedge Fund Formation and as above.

Including all Risk Management and Assessment Implementation with Relevant Legal Compliance and in circumstances in line with (EMIR Regulations), Furthermore Legal and Forensic assessment and regulatory investigation - compliance - implementation and in respects of FATF, FATCA, AML and for all other relevant Legal Regulations and Directives to above.



July 2019


We Also Offering Assets Research and Intelligence and Forensic Services Anti-Fraud AML related etc..



To be Offered Always Expert Legal Opinion and Advice to their best protection of their Legal and Commercial Rights...

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Mr. Nicholas Bolotos - Managing Partner